Pricing & Permits

Pricing for a stock and domestic bore, including casing, development, gravel packing (if necessary) concrete surface pad and all associated materials will be $200 per mt + GST. Bores in Granite, due to its highly abrasive nature whilst drilling, are charged at $210 per MT + GST. Cost of pump will depend on depth and yield of bore and delivery pressure required. As a general rule, most stock and domestic bores with pump installed will cost between $8000 and $16000, once again, depending on depth and pump size required.

Irrigation and commercial extraction bores attract a higher fee of $250 per mt + GST, for 150mm diameter casing. Pumps for these bores are larger and thus more expensive, generally being three phase. Expect irrigation or commercial extraction bore and pump to be close to $20,000 once again, depending on depth and pump required.

Bore Construction Licence Application: $235

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