Water Bore Information

Quick rundown of a Water Bore we did recently. This one was located in the Maldon area, Central Victoria. We divined two suitable locations, the one we ended up with was relatively close to power and convenient for the owner for that and a couple of other reasons.
On drilling the new Bore, we encountered some fine clay and sand to a depth of approximately 4 mt”s. A larger oversized hole was drilled to a depth of 6 mt”s, penetrating into the harder rock underneath the sand and clay. Some large diameter, 175mm Cls9 Australian Made Water Bore casing was installed to a depth of 6 mt”s, then the annulus, the space between the outside of the csing and the walls of the hole, was filled with grout, a mixture of neat cement and water. This effectively seals the top 6 mts and prevents any surface contamination from entering the bore. It also stabilises the ground so that when water is encountered at depth, its upward velocity does not wash out the hole, ie create large cavities that can cave in at a later date.
Once the grout was set drilling was continued. from a depth of 4.1 mt”s to a depth of 18 mts we encountered relatively firm mudstone, which then changed to slate to a depth of 42 mts. There were some quartzite intrusions into the slate. From 42 mts we drilled into a hard blue sandstone, with fractures holding water. The fractures stopped at a depth of 60 mt”s. We proceeded to drill to 62 mts to ensure we were able to get the pump to the very bottom of the fracture zone, allowing full exposure to the water bearing zone. This was also an insurance policy in case the water table ever dropped.
Once the hole was drilled to suitable depth, the drill string and hammer was removed and the hole fully cased with cls 9 Australian Made Water Bore casing, with PVC screen of the same material being installed in the water bearing zone. Next, we ran an airline to the full depth of the Water Bore and proceeded to flush the bore with compressed air to remove any sediment/drill cuttings, this was continued until the Water Bore was producing consistently clean water. This process is called Water Bore Development. At this time a flow test was also conducted so pump installer could instal correct size pump for bore. See video. When development was complete, the bore was capped, ready for pump installation.https://www.facebook.com/borewaterdrillers/videos/755187229978892

The pump was installed by Midland Irrigation, Bendigo, and the client now have their own personal water supply to keep the garden green and dams filled.https://www.midlandirrigation.com.au/

For a more in depth look at the whole drilling process, from Water Divining to drilling, to pump instllation, you can watch our 8 minute Water Bore Drilling Tutorial here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKweHAwj9-A&t

If you are interested in having a Water Bore Drilled on your property (Central Victoria are only), we can provide a free Water Bore Database search for you, giving information on depth flow rate water quaity etc, of bores in your vicinity….https://www.centrestatedrilling.com.au/free-groundwater-database-search/