Bore Water Drilling projects news - Centre State Drilling

Water bore drilling Ballarat

Bore water drilling in Ballarat and surrounding areas such ... Read more

Solar Bore Pump Installation

Quick vid of the new solar DAB bore pump ... Read more

Kilmore Water Bore Drillers

Nice bit of Kilmore Bore Water Drilling today by ... Read more

Yarra Valley water bore drilling

Yarra Valley water bore drilling Good old Yarra Valley never ... Read more

Romsey water bore

Quick vid of a waterbore we drilled in the ... Read more

Waterboring Tutorial from Go to Whoa :)

Take the time to watch this from beginning to ... Read more

Trentham waterbore

A waterbore we put in at Trentham. Accessing groundwater ... Read more

Bendigo Water Bore

Bendigo water bore drilling Bendigo water bore drilling. We drilled ... Read more

Areas we cover for your borewater requirements.

Quick list of some of the areas Centre State ... Read more

Central Highlands Waterbore

Quick video of a Central Highlands Waterbore Centre State ... Read more
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