Romsey water bore

Quick vid of a waterbore we drilled in the Romsey area. Down 54 mt, producing well over 6 lt per second of drinking quality water. This video shows the development stage of the process, that is, removing sediment and slurry out of the bore by blowing high pressure air into the bottom of the hole, after casing has been installed, to lift water and sediment out, in this case it took about 15 minutes till the water was crystal clear. We take the extra time and care to do this because we want to deliver the best result. Many drillers don’t bother, just slam in the casing, fold up the rig, give you a bill and drive away…..the result is that your bore pumps filthy dirty muddy water for days weeks and even months, which will drastically reduce the life of your pump, not to mention block up your tanks, irrigation lines or household appliances.