Bore Water

Bore Water.

The need for stock domestic and garden Bore Water is increasing with the current worsening drought situation. Many people are now turning to the water beneath their feet to meet their requirements. Bore Water can be a life safer, for stock and gardens, not to mention fire fighting supplies. For the uninitiated, it can be a bit of a daunting task, where to start, how does it work, what will it cost to have my own private Bore Water Supply?

The first place to start is with a reputable drilling contractor, one whom has extensive experience, good reputation and good feedback and takes pride in their work. You would be wise to ask them what guarantees they offer, what their experience is, any references they can give, any strategic partnerships they can bring in regards to pump and irrigation systems and obviously, their knowledge of local groundwater systems.

Dan McMahon of Centre State Drilling has well over 35 years hands on experience drilling water bores. With the reviews results and reputation in the industry, Dan is well placed to walk you thru the process with honest friendly down to earth advice. Offering written guarantee of “No Water No Charge”, which also stipulates a bare minimum flow rate to be achieved, Dan takes a lot of the risk out of Bore Water Drilling for his clients. Dan is also a renowned water diviner that offers his services as part of the initial onsite (free) consultation.

Centre State Drilling has access to an extensive Victoria wide Bore Water Database. We are able to carry out free database search and report on bores in your immediate area. Data available is year of construction, depth of bore, water flow rates, water quality, geology of ground etc. This data can provide valuable insights as to prospective outcome of drilling on your property.

Having been in the industry for so long, Centre State Drilling has developed strategic partnerships with two of the best Bore Pump supply and repair companies in the industry. Midland Irrigation of Bendigo, Kyneton and Ballarat, here and Ken White of Whites Electric Motor Service in Kilmore, here, We highly recommend these companies to supply and install your new bore pump, or repair/replace an out of service existing pump. We also have a strategic relationship with PureDrop Water Desalination if your bore water needs treatment, here, And for your electrical requirements, ie running power to your new bore, we highly recommend Kowelec, here,

Using certified Australian made products, we are able to offer a lifetime warranty on our bore construction. We simply refuse to use cheap imported materials and firmly believe that if a job is worth doing its worth doing properly, after all we, quite literally, put our name on our Water Bores. If your main consideration is to find the cheapest price for a bore, then you need to remember two things.

Good workmanship is never cheap and cheap workmanship is never good.

Honesty is an expensive commodity, do not expect it from cheap people.

The following 8 minute tutorial is well worth your watching when considering your Bore Water requirements and installation.

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Water Bore

Completed Water Bore ready for pump installation.