Centre State Drilling Overview

Centre State Drilling Overview. Today we are going to give a Centre State Drilling Overview,  exactly whom we are, what we do, how long we have been doing it, water bores and bore water utilisation.

Dan McMahon, owner of CSD has been drilling Water Bores for over 35 years, servicing the Central Victoria region. We dont promote “combined experience” as its a particularly egocentric attempt at improving the numbers. What exactly is “combined experience” anyway? Dan has built an enviable reputation for honesty, integrity, results, transparency and great results. We have a high online profile…..unlike some “cheap” drillers whom have no name, no contact number, no business address, just an email and post box number. One would need to wonder why a “company” would go about business in such a way? What exactly are they trying to hide…..their “reputation”? Our contact details are clear and present, your phone calls are answered, messages returned, you get to speak directly with Dan McMahon, company owner and hands on driller. We have a huge number of videos and pictures on our website and social media platforms because we take pride in what we do and how we do it.




Whilst addressing the above issue its pertinent to talk a little about Pump Installers as a bore pump is an integral part of your Water Bore. You want quality, service, honesty, integrity and support from your pump installer and IMO your not going to get that from a backyard guy that works out of the back of his car. We work closely with two main pump suppliers and installers, Midland Irrigation and Whites Electric Motor Service in Kilmore. Both these companies have trade premises, showrooms, workshops etc and have significant experience and buying power across a broad range of pump suppliers. We have found both these companies to be honest, ethical, professional, prompt and polite.



Once you make your initial Water Bore enquiry, speaking directly to Dan McMahon, you will be given honest advice based on over 35 years local experience. Dan will conduct a free Groundwater Database Search on your behalf, giving you data on depth, yield, flow rates, year of construction etc, of Water Bores in your immediate vicinity. This will give you baseline information on possible outcomes of a bore on your property. Dan will then meet you onsite for an obligation free consult, which will consist of going thru the database report, conducting Water Divining to pinpoint the best location to drill, a simple yet thorough easy to understand quote, Bore Permit application assistance (very simple, 10 minutes online, no humans involved), written certification of Australian Made products and of course a written “No Water No Charge” guarantee which also stipulates a bare minimum flow rate we must achieve for you.

No Water No Charge…..what exactly does that mean? Our written guarantee stipulates we will find you a bare minimum of 900 litres per hour, continuous flow rate. Its pretty simple really, or it is the way we do things. Some drillers with the same claim do not stipulate flow rates….if you get 1 lt per day then they say thats water you pay! Another company with the same claim says a minimum of 3,600 litre flow rate….sounds good till you read the fine print…..it actually says 3,600 litres per 24 hours! When you do some simple math, its actually a flow rate of a little over (2.5 to be exact) 2 litres per minute. Think about that for a moment, get a 2.5 litre coke bottle, put it under your kitchen tap and close the tap down until it takes exactly 1 minute to fill the bottle….as the old saying goes “I can piss faster than that!”

Our “No Water No Charge” guarantee, in writing, is for 15 litres per minute, or 21,600 litres per day.

We use certified Australian Made Bore Casing. We refuse to use cheaper imported materials. You can rest assured we install bore casing to the FULL DEPTH of your bore. “Cheap” drillers install bore casing to a very shallow depth, which leads to problems down the track, holes collapsing, pumps stuck in bore unable to be retrieved, filthy dirty water, they generally refuse to rectify the issue….indeed their reputation becomes so bad they may actually feel the need to with hold their name contact numbers and trading address from the general public, close down one trading name and start up under another when the heat gets too much.

If Dan McMahon tells you your bore is 60 MT”s deep, then you can rest assured that it actually IS 60 Mt”s deep. We do not charge for depth that was not drilled!!! Some of the cheap drillers, especially the ones that want to supply and install the pump, do not drill to the depth they claim….. how many people do you think actually measure the depth of their bore themselves? Hardly any. Most drillers know this and most drillers, at least established reputable ones, do the right thing by their customers. Time and time again we have received calls from people that went with a “cheap” driller. They had a reputable company to install their pump but their “60 MT” bore was actually only drilled to a depth of 50Mt”s…..and thats generally just the beginning of their problems.

If you want honesty, professionalism, integrity, good old fashioned hassle free service, then Dan McMahon of Centre State Drilling is the person you need to contact.

Centre State Drilling

Dan McMahon of Centre State Drilling with another strong flowing bore

Centre State Drilling Overview.