Water Bore drillers No Water No Charge

Water Bore Drilling RigCentre State Drilling are the leading Water Bore Drillers whom offer a written guarantee of No Water No Charge. Our reputation and reviews speak for themselves. Our business is based on honesty integrity and a high work ethic. If you want the best Water Bore Drillers who will offer you honest advise, construct your water bore to the highest standard leaving you with a clean reliable water supply, then Centre State Drilling are the Water Bore Drillers for you.

No Water No Charge……. what exactly does that mean? How much water IS “Water”?

Some Water Bore Drilling Contractors  claim a “No Water No Charge” policy, yet if they achieve a flow rate of 5 lts per DAY, they assure you “Thats Water” so you are expected to pay in full, for what can be an un-useable amount of water….but its still “Water” so pay up!

Centre State Drilling”s “No Water No Charge” policy means a USEABLE amount of water, and in our opinion, that is a minimum flow rate of at least 15 its per minute. Any less than 15 lts pm is, in our opinion, not a useable amount.

If we are unable to achieve a flow rate of at least 15lpm, we will offer you, the customer, the option of declaring it “No Water No Charge”, at which point, the hole will be backfilled and we will try drilling on another site for a stronger flow. This rarely happens, however if it does, you, the customer, need to have some peace of mind should the situation arise.

If we do have to drill on another site for a stronger flow, the exact same policy of “No Water No Charge” applies to the second hole, with the same minimum 15lts per minute parameters,  the same as it did the first hole.

We offer this policy to all our customers, in writing and signed by Dan McMahon, for their peace of mind and more than anything, to be fair and reasonable to our customers at all times. We have one of the best, if not THE best reputations in the water-boring industry for a few simple reasons. We take pride in our work, we work to a high standard with only the best quality materials, we give honest down to earth advice and we always do the right thing by our customers, which is aptly shown from the following online review….

“Dan McMahon is one of the most genuine and honest people I have met. Dan says no water no pay, our property gave all the signs of water and we engaged Dan to do a bore, unfortunately, after hours of work drilling, there was only a trickle which really was useless and not enough to finish the bore. Very disappointing for all concerned. Without any fuss Dan was true to his word and did not charge us anything, just cleaned up and left. I highly recommend him to anybody who is considering using centre state drilling. Other drillers would most certainly have charged us thousands for a tiny trickle of water. Do not think twice about calling Dan, make him your first call.”

Reviews such as the above are written by our clients because we do the right thing by them. We provide written quotes and guarantee’s, we collate and provide downloaded bore database reports of bores in your immediate vicinity to give you a baseline from which to work on the possible outcomes of a bore at your property. We also provide you with our “Water Bore Drilling Tutorial” DVD. Its 8 minutes in length and was produced to give the viewer a solid fundamental understanding of the whole process, from water divining to drilling and construction of your water bore and also the development phase.

 A water bore is not something you “buy” and throw away after a few years like so many things these days in our throwaway society. A Water Bore, properly designed drilled and constructed is an investment. And like any investment its one that should be made only after doing your research and gaining as much information as possible. A well informed decision is a good decision. And like any investment, a water bore will provide dividends, both short and long term. Immediate increase of land/property value, long term increase of land/property value. Improved lifestyle, whether it be from having a lush green garden to come home to and relax in after a hard days work or more free time resulting from not having to cart water for a garden or stock or domestic purposes.

As Water Bore Drillers offering a No Water No Charge policy, its part of our job to give you as much information as possible before making your decision. Its part of our job to help you with your research. Its part of our job to provide you with written assurances. Its part of our job to give you the best water bore we can, give you the best result for your money. Its part of our job to encourage you to ask as many questions as you can so you are properly and thoroughly informed. Its also part of our job to make the whole process as easy, pleasant and streamlined as we can. We also happen to be very good at our job, as can be seen from the multitude of positive reviews, both on our Facebook Page and online Google reviews.