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Established for over 30 years Centre State Drilling is Victorias leading Water Bore Drilling Contractor with the best reputation reviews results and the highest work ethic. We offer a Free Groundwater Database search and report, free onsite consultation, water divining, water bore drilling tutorial here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKweHAwj9-A&t=2s, and written quotes. Our signed and written policy of NO WATER NO CHARGE gives our clients peace of mind when considering their choice of Water Bore Drilling Contractor. Contact Dan McMahon today to further discuss your water bore drilling requirements. Our contact details are as follows.


Water Bore Drilling will require a permit before drilling can commence. They are easily obtained, online and are approved within minutes, returned by email. Cost is $235. This is a one off fee, there are no ongoing fees or charges. Stock and Domestic bores do NOT have a meter fitted and there is no charge for water taken for stock and domestic purposes. Bores used for commercial extraction and large scale irrigation require a different permit, they do have meters fitted and there is an ongoing charge for water used. Permit applications can be made at the following link.


To initiate your groundwater database search and report you can go to the following link. Click the button on the top of the page to initiate the process.


To further understand the whole water divining drilling bore construction and development phases, we have produced the following 8 minute video. A water bore is not something you buy and throw away after a few years to get another. Its an investment, one that can improve your property value and your lifestyle. Any investment decision needs to be made from a fully informed perspective. Getting you informed is a part of our job. Watch the video.

Note that when we say (give you a signed written guarantee) “No Water no Charge” this means a bare minimum flow rate of at least 15lpm. some drillers claim the No Water no Charge however if they get you 5 lts per day, they expect to be paid in full for what is, in our opinion, an un-useable amount of water. We prefer to do the right thing by our clients, as the following online review aptly demonstrates.

Liz Guest

2 months ago
Dan Mcmahon is one of the most genuine and honest people I have met. Dan says no water no pay, our property gave all the signs of water and we engaged Dan to do a bore, unfortunately, after hours of work drilling, there was only a trickle which really was useless and not enough to finish the bore. Very disappointing for all concerned. Without any fuss Dan was true to his word and did not charge us anything, just cleaned up and left. I highly recommend him to anybody who is considering using centre state drilling. Other drillers would most certainly have charged us thousands for a tiny trickle of water. Donot think twice about calling Dan, make him your first call.
Feel free to check out some of our other online reviews on our FB page, not to mention doing a simple google search on Centre State Drilling.
More short videos of our work can be found here
Water Bore Drilling

Water Bore Drilling when a strong flow of water is found.

Water Bore

Completed Water Bore ready for pump installation.

Solar Bore Pump

Solar Bore Pump

Bore Water In Use

Bore Water in use

Once your bore is completed you will be given a Bore Construction Report, detailing the drilling technique, geology encountered, water quality, flow rates and all information pertinent to your bore. Your pump installer will also require a copy of this report so as to accurately size the correct pump for your bore. Bores of different depths and flow rates require different size pumps, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to your bore pump. Like most things these days, you will get what you pay for, cheaper bore pumps, in our experience, tend to be problematic.

When it comes to your bore pump supply and installation, we highly recommend the two following companies for their service, support, honesty, professionalism, experience and quality of pumps and workmanship.



For any water treatment required on brackish bore water, we also highly recommend the following


Based on our extensive local experience and bore database access, we can generally advise you as to an expected outcome before drilling your bore. You will be honestly advised as to our expectations of water quality and depth. Some areas are not good for Water Bore Drilling as the water can be extremely brackish, making the water unsuitable for use, even with a desalination system. Other areas can be less brackish and will respond very well to a desalination system, or not need one if the water is to be used for stock and general garden use, whereas other areas can and do have exceptionally good bore water that requires no treatment and is fine to use directly from the bore.

In closing, we recommend you remember a couple of key points. Seek only the best Water Bore Drilling companies with the best reviews and reputation. Use only the best quality bore pump. A Water Bore and Pump is not something you “Buy” its and investment, one that will markedly increase the value of your property and improve your lifestyle and like any investment, you get what you pay for.

Honesty is an expensive commodity, do not expect it from “cheap” people.

Good Workmanship is never cheap. 

Cheap Workmanship is never good.