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Water Bore Drilling Contractors No Water No Charge guarantee. Centre State Drilling established over 30 years. Best Service results reviews and reputation. Free onsite consultation water divining written quote groundwater database report and water bore drilling dvd tutorial. Finding groundwater for our clients for over 30 years.

We have built a solid and enviable position as the industry leader in the Water Bore Drilling Contractor sector. Our reputation is built on honesty integrity professionalism and friendly down to earth advice.

Being renowned for punctuality and keeping appointments, we work hard to ensure your experience with us starts and ends on a pleasant note. When Dan McMahon arrives onsite for your initial consultation he will bring bore database downloads pertaining to bores in your immediate vicinity. From this we can construct a baseline of information and realistic expectations of a possible water bore at your property. Then Dan will proceed to do some water divining to pinpoint the best location for your water bore drilling. A written quote and a written guarantee pertaining to “No Water No Charge” will be given. Our No ater No Charge states quite clearly that a bare minimum flow rate of at least 15 lts per minute is to be found, if not then it will be declared NO Water and there will be no charge. Some drillers claim the No Water policy yet if they get you 5 lts per day they claim it as “water” and you are expected to pay in full. We do NOT work in such a manner.

Dan will then provide you with all the necessary information required for you to obtain your Water Bore Permit. Its a simple process, applications are made online and are approved within 15 minutes. Permit fee is a one payment of $235. There are NO ongoing fees or charges associated with the bore licence.

You will be encouraged to ask Dan as many questions as possible. We are here to, not only drill your bore, but to give you as much help and information as possible so you can make an informed decision. An informed decision is a good decision.

Once you have applied for and received your bore permit, you can be booked into our drilling schedule. Initially you will be given a timeframe of weeks due to the backlog of work and the fact that we work in a certain area for a duration before moving to the next area. This is all about time and motion as it doesnt make sense to drive from one end of the state to drill one bore then the other end of the state to drill one bore then to the middle of the state to drill one bore. Whilst we have a Drilling Rig in a certain area we will drill several bores in that area before moving to the next. As we get closer to your area we can give you a specific date on which we expect to be at your property to drill your bore.

Once your bore is drilled, Dan will give you a “Bore Completion Report”. This is a report with all details pertaining to your bore and should be kept for your records. It will tell the depth yield and water quality, casing details and setup and geology encountered etc. Dan will then consult with you about your pumping requirements and recommend a reputable pump supplier and installer to you. If you are happy with the recommendations Dan will then give bore details to the pump installer along with your desired pumping requirements and get the pump installer to contact you the same or following day. We do our best to make this process as easy for you as possible, because at the end of the day you simply want a reliable clean supply of water when you turn on your taps.




One of our Testimonials….”We are so happy with Centre State Drilling. Dan is professional, diligent and delivers on his promise. I highly recommend him to anyone considering getting a bore.”

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