Water Bore Drilling Victoria

Water Bore Drilling  Victoria. For all your Water Bore Drilling requirements, Centre State Drilling is the industry leader with the best reputation results and reviews, we get the job done leaving you with a clean reliable water supply. Honest professional friendly and down to earth, Centre State Drilling is the name people trust when it comes to their Water Bore Drilling Victoria requirements. Our reviews and feedback speak for themselves.

Centre State Drilling, the name people Trust for their Water Bore Drilling Victoria. We work to the highest standards, taking the time necessary to leave you with a reliable ongoing water bore that consistently produces clean water. We only use the best quality high pressure water bore casing, the PVC pipe used to line the hole. Our casing is made in Australia, conforms to Australian standard and comes with a lifetime warranty. We offer all clients certification of the casing we use. Unlike many drillers, we refuse to use the cheaper substandard imported casing from overseas. If a job is worth doing its worth doing right the first time and that includes using only the best quality materials.

Once your bore has been drilled into the most productive aquifer we line it with the bore casing as mentioned above. We then “develop” the bore, that is flush it clean to remove any sediment or slurry. This process can take some time but it is an imperitive part of the Water Bore Drilling process. This is continued until your bore is producing a reliable consistent flow of CLEAN water. We also perform a flow test on the bore to determine its consistent flow rate. This allows the pump installer to correctly size the appropriate pump to the bore.

The hole is then “grouted”, a cement grout placed around the outside of the bore casing to seal and protect against any surface contamination such as groundwater runoff etc. We will then provide you with a written BCL or Bore Completion Report. This is a report on the bore with all details such as depth yield water quality casing size and type geology etc. One copy goes to the bore owner whilst another copy goes to the DWELP where, the bore details only, not the owners details, it ends up being a part of the groundwater database. This allows for future reference of bores in the area, ie depth yield water quality etc.




Some of our Water Bore Drilling Victoria reviews and feedback.


6 days ago
Would highly recommend Dan to anyone thinking about putting a bore in. He has a wealth of knowledge, works efficiently and is really honest and true to his word. Don’t contemplate getting anyone else to do your bore!!

Liz Guest

2 months ago
Dan Mcmahon is one of the most genuine and honest people I have met. Dan says no water no pay, our property gave all the signs of water and we engaged Dan to do a bore, unfortunately, after hours of work drilling, there was only a trickle which really was useless and not enough to finish the bore. Very disappointing for all concerned. Without any fuss Dan was true to his word and did not charge us anything, just cleaned up and left. I highly recommend him to anybody who is considering using centre state drilling. Other drillers would most certainly have charged us thousands for a tiny trickle of water. Donot think twice about calling Dan, make him your first call.

Melinda Jarvis

5 months ago
I highly recommend Danny !
Professional Service, quality Australian made products. A fantastic result, we now have plenty of clean water to keep our garden green and healthy!
Thanks again Dan

merryn parker

5 months ago
Highly recommend. Professional, honest and friendly delivering a great result!! Very happy!!

Bev Wood

5 months ago
Excellent service and great knowledge.
Very impressed with the process and price ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Mandurang South PC

5 months ago