Water Bores

Water Bores. Having just finished the last of three La Nina”s in a row, we are now heading into the beginning stages of a long prolonged severe drought, as can be seen from historical records. Any time we have experienced two La Nina”s, back to back, it has always been followed by a long prolonged severe drought…..this time we have had three back to back, which doesnt bode well for the future. Climate change seems to also be a contributing factor. Water Bores are now becoming the “Norm” in many situations, not only for farmers, but increasingly for smaller landholders and indeed residential holdings, where water and water restrictions are becoming an issue for those with gardens they would like to maintain, not to mention those with animals, horses, goats, alpacca”s, dam filling and firefighting reserves.

When considering a Waterboring Contractor, it is always a good idea to do as much research as possible and educate yourself as to what to expect and best work practises and potential outcomes of a Water Bore on your property. It is for this reason we have published a brief succinct comprehensive “Water Bore Drilling Tutorial”, which has been incredibly popular and helpful to many. Water Bores are not “just a hole in the ground”, indeed if that is what you think and have a blase attitude then its most likely what you will end up with!

Water Bores Drilling Tutorial

Water Bores construction requires careful thought and practises, notations of geological formations, where those changes are, what potential issues they may present in your Water Bores….ie will that section of the Bore Hole produce sand or sediment that will impact the Water Bores, will it block the pump? What areas of the bore have clays that can do the same thing, where in the Water Bore is the water making ingress into the hole, the static water level (standing water level) the flow rate and drawdown of the Water Bores…..at what depth do rubber seals need to be installed on the outside of the Bore casing to prevent issues….how much development will the Water Bores require and most importantly, will the bore be a reliable ongoing source of clean water for years, if not, generations to come?

Most people have little or no experience with Water Bores, certainly not the drilling and construction of one and as the majority of this happens below ground, out of site. You, the customer, must place your trust and faith, not to mention money, in the hands of the Drilling Contractor. Trust is something we at Centre State Drilling, does not take lightly! Dan McMahon has well over 35 years hands on experience and knows exactly what is required to construct your bore correctly and will not leave the bore until he is 100% satisfied with its completion….if Dan is not happy with it then the customer most definately will not be either…..in short, Dan treats others how he would like to be treated in return, with honesty and integrity. A quick browse of our reviews is testament to the fact that, due to Dans work practises, Centre State Drilling has an exemplary reputation for honesty and integrity and delivering reliable Water Bores to his clients.

We do get many calls from people that have had a bore drilled by contractors other than ourselves and are experiencing problems, and asking us to rectify those issues. Unfortunately it is not always possible to fix someone else”s shoddy workmanship, without essentially re-drilling the bore, ie removing the pump and bore casing, redrilling the bore and recasing it correctly, with the appropriate seals/gravel packing in place….this more often than not, costs more than drilling a new bore from scratch. Most drilling contractors do the right thing by their customers, however there are still and always will be cheap cowboys that take no pride in their workmanship whatsoever. So I recommend you do your research on the issue. Some of the best places to ask for information are Pump/Irrigation installation business”s as they are the ones that generally see, first hand, on pump installation, what type of workmanship they are dealing with on new Water Bores Installations. Three of the industries best pump installers in Central Victoria that we recommend are listed below.



If you would like to further explore the possibility of Water Bores on your property, contact Dan McMahon of Centre State Drilling today. For Victorian based people, click the “Free Groundwater Database Search” button and Dan will be able to check the database for bores in your immediate or general vicinity, for depth, flow rate, water quality, geology etc, and be able to give you a better understanding of possible outcomes of Water Bores on your property….


Water Bores